Congratulations Teddy Cruisey.

Wow. Here we ago again with Ted mother-fucking Cruz. He has to be one of the most awkward and downright unintelligent fuckholes on the face of this mother-fucking-non-existent-god-damned earth! While on one of his anti-obama-care tirades, Mr Cruz was confronted with a woman who suffers from Multiple-sclerosis. MS is a terrible disease that wreaks havoc on the nervous system, causing vision loss, speech impairment, weakness and muscle fatigue, incontinence, and even chronic pain. This disease fucking sucks massive, hairy donkey balls, and anyone who suffers from it has a huge uphill battle.

So how did Mr Cruz respond to this woman after she asked him whether he was going to keep medicaid or offer a better alternative? Well, the first thing he said was “congratulations.” Just to show out of touch this fucking arsehole is, he congratulated this woman for struggling with MS!
Congratulations on dealing with MS. It’s a terrible disease, and congratulations on your struggles dealing with it.
Yeah, fuck off! ted-cruz
People make mistakes, and sometimes it can be easy to slip up and make a strained comment while in front of an audience, however, this particular mistake seems to hit much closer to home for Mr Cruz. As if Mr Cruz didn’t already seem out of touch with reality. The truth is, Mr Cruz has been against any expansion of medicaid in his home state of Texas for a long time, and he creates any narrative he can to stop the fucker from moving forward.
So what’s Mr Cruz’s big solution to the rising costs of medicaid? Well, just like magic, the fucking rates of private insurance will decrease. How will this happen? Who fucking knows? He also stated that the Republican alternative to medicaid (whatever the bloody fuck that is – as it does not exist at this point) would make an exception to pre-existing medical conditions. Old Teddy boy has been campaigning against medicaid and the Affordable Care Act for quite some time, you’d think that this complete wankstain would have a solution at this point. Does he have a specific solution? Well, nothing specific that he has presented.
Seriously, congratulations to the woman with Multiple Sclerosis. Your special little prize will be Republicans taking away any safety mechanism that makes medication and treatment more accessible to you. Congratu-fucking-lations. Well done to the Republican dick-cheese varieties that make all this bullshit possible. Thank you for servicing the fat ugly arseholes of the private insurance companies. I’m sure they are happy with your service.

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