Rightwing Terrorism: European Poster-Boy of the Radical Alt-Right

Oh for fuck’s sake! In 2011, Mr Anders Breivik killed 77 people in a right-wing fueled rage-fest. This degenerate piece of cock-sucking shit planned attacks in Oslo and Utoya in Norway on 22/07/2011. Outside of the Oslo government headquarters, he set off a carbomb, killing 8 people and wounding many others. After he executed his plans in Oslo, he made his way to Utoya where he opened fire on Labor Party summer camp for Youth. 69 people were killed in his attack at Utoya, and most of the casualties were under the age of 18.

At the time of his arrest, he claimed to be the leader of a secret arse-fucking brothel Christian sect who were planning a forced anti-Islamic, military revolution through Europe. While in prison, Mr Breivik claimed to be a traditional neo-nazi devoted to his rightwing ideals. He has a network of neo-naanders-breivikzi idealists who share a common hatred for Islam. Recently he appealed to the Oslo District Court due to being held in solitary confinement at the maximum-security Skien prison. For context, this spoilt, fucked-up piece of shit-smelling arsehole crusting, is living in a 3 room cell with access to video games, television, and exercise equipment.

As this a-grade, alt-right wank-stain walked into the courtroom on 10/01/2017 where his appeal was to be heard, he raised his hand in a nazi salute, gave the press a cold icy stare, and then proceeded to shake hands with different members of council. This isn’t the first time he gave the nazi-salute in a court room, he had done this several times in the past. Judge Oystein Hermansen responded to this fucker by telling him not to salute again as it insults the dignity of the court. As Breivik Von-Fuck-stick attempted to defend his actions Judge Hermansen cut him off abruptly saying, “It also disturbs what we are dealing with here.”

Honestly, this story makes my sinful secular skin crawl. This scumfuck is a serial fucking killer who managed to end the lives of 77 human beings in a single day, and they were people who he probably never met, many of whom were under the age of 18. Now, he is in a hotel prison where he is not allowed to interact with people due to how dangerous he is. There has been concern that Breivik is not allowed to spend time with private guests due to his anders2connections to extremist right-wing hate groups. Fredrik Sejersted, representative of the state, argued that Mr Breivik’s prison accommodation comes at a greater cost to the state than most other criminals held by the state, and that his living conditions are superior to many. Anders Breivik is not happy about this, as he feels entitled to contact with other inmates and private visitation from friends and family.

This man is a complete cock-sucking, mother-fucking, arsehole-plugging “extremist,” but how many of these kinds of people do we have to witness before we decide that we don’t want their semen stains splatter all over the faces of us and our children? How many more people need to be brutally killed? How many more rape victims need to be blamed for showing too much skin? How many more Muslims need to be kicked out of their fucking community? How many more religious institutions are allowed to bully homosexuals into submission? How many more women need to be abused by submission toting, insecure, religious fuckers? How many more black people need to be shot? For fuck’s sake! Breivik is an excellent example of where right-wing extremism takes people, and he is definitely not alone. Come on! To the conservative dumfucks reading this post, here is another example of how you were wrong about Islam being the only source of terrorism on the planet. Turns our Christianity has arseholes as well. To the non-conservative cunt-stains reading this post: it’s time the general public quit bending over and taking it up the arse from these cheese-covered cunts! “Heil Jesus, fuck Muslims,” the new mantra of the religious alt-right.


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