Clinton: Was NOT a Left-Wing Candidate

DISCLAIMER: For all the easily-offended fucktards on this page who decided to click on this particular post and have a read, there is something I want you to know: if you perceive a gendered slur against Hillary Clinton, it is primarily because I think she is a cunt. I think Mr Trump is a cunt as well. The insults I make have nothing to do with gender. Calling someone a “cunt” is no different to calling someone a “dick,” as all you are doing is expressing your disdain for that person. Please read the following post in this light.

Alright, so Hillary Clinton, the giant, moldy, cunt-stain from the Democratic party, lost the fucking electoral college, and a reality television show host won in her stead. One of the things that is currently giving me the shits is how Clinton is painted as the “left-wing” candidate and Trump is painted as the “right-wing” candidate. Ok, it is clear that Mr Trump is “right-wing,” but it makes no fucking sense to call Hillary Clinton “left-wing.” She is not a fucking “left-wing politician. If anything she is a corporate democrat whom if she would have won, would have upheld the establishment and done absolutely nothing in particular.

First of all, may I just say that while the right-wing in America is taking a more authoritative bent, left-wing and right-wing do not necessarily correlate to how authoritative your views will be. The truth is, you can be a left-wing libertarian or authoritarian, just as you can be a right-wing libertarian or authoritarian. Let that sink in for a moment. The point I would like to make here is that while Donald-dickhead Trump may be more authoritative, Hillary-cunt-stain Clinton is definitely more conservative. This probably has less to do with Mrs Clinton’s alleged political views, and more to do with the way she operates as a politician.

So what’s the fucking difference between these two mother-fuckers (ie. Trump and Clinton)? Well, Clinton is a candidate who came out cheering for America to stay the way it is. She did not advocate for any change in particular. In fact, she wanted to bring America together to celebrate the current establishment. On the otherhand, Trump is a candidate who came in as a wild-card. He openly advertised his disdain for the country, building his entire campaign on making “America Great Again.” Sure, the fascist little cunt advertised his beliefs regarding immigration and religion, but no one could truly predict him. Mr Trump presented himself as a candidate who would fight the establishment and tear that mother-fucker to the ground. This man is a candidate who is not interested in conserving a non-existent-mother-fucking-god-damned thing. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, wanted to “conserve” the system that is currently in place. You know, the system that enjoys shoving it’s fat, ugly, corporatised, wart-covered penis into America’s arsehole. So America had a choice on November 8 to vote for a fucking dickhead who use to bribe politicians for a living, or an experienced cunt who currently bribes businesses for a living.

If her past experience as the Secretary of State is anything to go by, we do learn that Mrs Clinton has quite a conservative approach. Clinton was was a strong supporter of the Bush Administration’s patriot act, and currently strongly advocates for a bold military presence in the middle-east to show rockets up the arse of weak arabs for he sake of getting their oil. During the Democratic primaries Clinton obtained donations from major corporations such as Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, the Lehman Brothers, and Merrill Lynch.When you 636055048835571319-1825244646_9have the likes of Morgan Stanley throwing over $300k at Clinton’s Super Pacs, you can guarantee there would have been no changes to legislation or policy that inconvenience the big banks. This bitch loves her corporations. When the big banks ejaculate their cash all over Hillary Clinton’s face, she laps all of it up, and NO she isn’t doing it for charity.

Over the past decade, America has undergone some serious social changes. For instance, marriage equality is something that has been embraced by the United States. While Mrs Clinton currently states her support for marriage equality, historically this has not always been the case. Mrs Clinton spoke fervently against things such as marriage equality in past years, ‘I think marriage is as a marriage has always been, between a man and a woman.‘ She only changed HER views when SOCIETAL views ended up becoming the established norm. When it comes to social issues: actual “liberals” have been fighting for social change, and when something becomes the status-quo, they move to the next issue. Unless she grabs the big banks by the hips and gives them a solid blowjob (much like the one Lewinsky gave her husband), she isn’t interested in changing a non-existent-god-damned-mother-fucking thing.

Honestly, Madaam fuck-face Clinton may as well have been a republican nominee. She grew up as a conservative methodist, and continues to practice her faith at Capitol Hill with other republicans. While at Washington, she has been an active part of a faith-based group with other politicians called ‘The Fellowship.’ She joined this group under the leadership of Doug Coe in 1993, along with some notable conservatives including ex-Senator Rick-Scrotum-Santorum, and current Republican Senator Sam Brownback. The group is highly secretive, and describe themselves as a bible study and prayer group. Regardless of how they publicly advertise, the mission statement from their archives states they wish for Washing to be governed by, ‘a leadership led by God—leaders of all levels of society who direct projects as they are led by the spirit.’ Doug Coe often meets with politicians and provides them with sex-segregated accommodation in Washington, along with some spiritual guidance. The fact is, Clinton would like to open up her legs and teabag the living shit out of the public, she would just like to do it in a subtle way.

Yeah, president elect Donald Trump is quite a conservative cock-sucker, but Clinton is no liberal. She is a conservative cock-sucker too. She assists the rich corporations to climax, does not seek to change anything from the status quo, and protects the establishment with her life. If you think this bitch is (or ever has been) anything but a conservative, it’s time for you to adjust your lens to reality.


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