Alt-Right: Projection

Alright, so some American liberals have completely fucking overreacted to the presidential 9b790385-14de-47a5-b795-0686bb9a7515election. Donald Trump won, which totally fucking sucks. Mr Trump is a complete wanker, I get it, but do you really need to walk around the streets balling your eyes out like a bunch of spoilt brats who didn’t get their Sunday afternoon ice-cream? This morning I woke up to Youtube video after Youtube video of overly-emotional Donald-Trump hatred, and paranoia.

With all those things being said, the thing that is giving me the shits is that Trump supporters continue with the bullshit of labelling people who were against him as “SJWs.” I don’t like Trump, and to suggest that I do not appreciate his racist, sexist, and bigoted antics based on political correctness or some kind of emotional reason is actually quite the strawman. There are many logic-driven individuals who simply do not like him because his ideas do not make sense, and the way that he targets different groups in the community actually seems like a rather emotional reaction on the part of the alt-right. Just as an example, targeting and going after Muslims does not seem fair, and this profiling is based on an inaccurate generalisation generated by fear.

GUESS WHAT!? Fear is an emotion and it is rife among Trump supporters. In fact, fear has been common in the conservative base for a VERY long time. For instance, fear of change, fear of cultures that they do not understand. I agree that many who have been against Trump did so for emotional reasons, but don’t fucking kid yourself into thinking that those who voted for Trump did so because they were all well-reasoned, level headed, and did away with their emotions. Calling class 10, grade A, steamy-moist, BULLSHIT right there. Emotions ran pretty fucking high in the conservative / alt-right base during the campaign. Being a smug alt-right arsehole doesn’t make you level headed.

Now for an Australian response. Liberal Tasmanian senator, Eric Abetz advised,”Donald Trump’s presidential success shows people are sick and tired of political correctness.” No Mr Abetz. Just no. You are full of fucking shit. Trump was elected because people are sick of THE ESTABLISHMENT, which is exactly what you fucking represent. Abetz continued to show his ignorance by saying, “A very important message from the US election was that people are generally sick and tired of political correctness, of self-appointed political elites and commentariats belittling anybody on the centre right of politics.”
ABETZ.jpgWhat the actual fuck is wrong with you Abetz? People are fucking sick and tired of the centre-right establishment. You fuckers are the pro-corporate, pro-conservative, pro-establishment that got Mr Trump elected in the first place. People are so sick of centrists (particularly the overly represented centre right) that the voters just went, “OK, FUCK IT! I’m voting for this cunt [Trump] because he is different.” People are tired of the establishment fucking them over, and Trump was the anti-establishment candidate. Mr Abetz, when you mention “political correctness” what the fuck do you mean?  Whenever you get upset about gay marriage, is this you displaying your own version of “political correctness”? Come the fuck on Abetz. You and your ilk are easily offended by things you disagree with yourself, so don’t go on.

The alt-right are trying to make out that they are people with hearts of stone, that they do not vote and make decisions based on an emotional response. Yeah? Bullshit! You cock-suckers are easily triggered! For example, the whole idea of having people who are transgendered appears to trigger you. Click <<HERE>> to read more about the alt-right being triggered by the transgendered, and click <<HERE>> to read more about the alt-right simply being a group of pussy reactionaries. You alt-right fuckers going on about how fucking pathetic other people because they voted and reacted to the campaign / election based on their emotions are brazen, mother-fucken hypocrites! That’s what we call “projection” motherfuckers.

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