Conservatives Triggered by Footballer

Ok, so the rightwing love to claim how cunt-sucking lefties are constantly on the “politically correct” bandwagon, however this claim does not come without a sense of Irony. Over this past week we have another news story of conservatives triggered by their own version of “political correctness.” What is the conservative sect of our population getting triggered by today? Well, it appears that the intellectually defunct, scum-fuck right are losing their collective moist piles of shit over some fucken football star who decided to sit through the national anthem as a silent protest for the way that blacks are being treated in the United States. What the actual fuck, right-wing? What the actual fuck!

Who fucken cares if some random football playing fuck decides to sit down during the national anthem? Are you thin-skinned, fucken fuckers so fucken absorbed in your idea of “patriotism” (in this case nationalism) that you cannot handle someone who has a different idea to you on the issues that this country has? It seems that when a minority group in the United States are being strapped to a bench, with a white, throbbing, moist dick shoved up its arse, those minority groups cannot protest without being labelled “politically correct” or “unpatriotic.” The rightwing believes that you must fucken conform to the crowd and stand for the national fucken anthem.

Having a good old fashioned fucken protest is as American as Pumpkin Pie. The first fucken amendment covers the right for the American people to have their say, but it appears that the American rightwing are simply not happy about Mr Kaepernick having his say. Mr Kaepernick argues, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” It appears that this football player’s agenda is clear, he wants to raise awareness for the ways that people of different races are treated in the United States. Even if what he was saying was completely incorrect, he still has a mother-fucken right to say it, and this does not make the fucker “unpatriotic.”

Conservatives completely danced over Mr Kaepernick’s core message and instead looked for any problem they could find. Fox News[sic] host Brain Kilmeade expressed


Brian Kilmeade enjoys eating dicks.

that he believes that Mr Kaepernick has had a comfortable life and does not understand why he took a stance on this topic, “He was adopted by two white parents; he was well supported. He is a great athlete. I’m sure he worked hard; I also heard his grades were great. I don’t know what [in] his experience could be so negative.” Rich, republican, token ex-potential-nominee, Ben Carson weighed in on Kaepernick sitting through the national anthem saying he,”disrespected our national anthem and our flag after so many people have sacrificed so that he could have the freedoms that he has today, so that he could make a very, very good living in this ‘racist’ land.” For fuck’s sake Carson, Kaepernick was not making a deal out of the military, and for fuck’s sake Kilmeade, mr Kaepernick was not referencing his own personal circumstances. Why is it that conservative fuckers completely missed the point with his message? It’s almost as thought they were looking for any way to ignore the argument that Mr Kilmeade was trying to present.

Conservatives, one thing you fuckers need to keep in mind, this is a motherfucken sporting event! This is an event where people get together and provide entertainment for onlookers by competing in games. Why the actual fuck does a person’s political view even matter here? Why is the national anthem or the flag a big deal in this context? You fucken arse-wipes appear to be taking this patriotism a tad too seriously, and you seem to have an automatic emotional reaction whenever someone does not agree with your worldview. Can people not just enjoy a sporting event without having to wank over the flag of the United States? Do you really need to rub those 50 stars all over your scrotums? Do you really need those red and white stripes up and down your fucken shaft? It seems that the American right simply cannot contain themselves unless you philate yourself with the flag while singing the “Star Spangled Banner.” Calm your fucken tits you degenerate scum fucks!

Has anyone on the rightwing considered that Mr Kaepernick actually really loves this country and is just looking for a way to make it a better place?


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