Alt Right: Alt Critical Thinking, Alt Fuckwits

‘Who the bloody fuck are the “alt rights”?‘ you may ask with your jaw dropped ready to take in a massive elephant penis. Well, as we know, the conservative movement is full of fucken traditionalist bullshit. When you scrape away some of the tradition, and you are left with the patriotism, national pride, hatred of anything that isn’t white and male, and a strong desire to react to anyone who stands up for a minority group, you get the “alt right.”

This large group of gun-toting, hate-filled, faux-intellectual, reactionaries began rather recently with the former editor of ‘Taki’s Magazine,‘ Mr Richard B. Spencer. Spencer’s far-right organisation The National Policy Institute in Arlington Virginia got the movement moving with what the Southern Poverty Law Centre described as a movement for people who, ‘have long lamented the white man’s decline.’ The alt-right is a rebranding of conservatism, and has a stronger push for anti-immigration, anti-feminism, white-nationalism, anti-Islam, right-wing nativistic popularism, and the removal of most government social services. So, in other words, the alt-right are just conservatives who are more passionate, less accommodating, and more narrow-minded about their position.

Currently, the United States is bending over and taking the alt-right’s massive throbbing conservative cock right up its’ tight, little, shit-smelling, hairy, capitalistic, arsehole. Many outspoken libertarian and conservative pundits are shifting into the alt-right movement. Breitbart News [sic] Network is a great example, with Milo Yiannopoulos blazing a new trail right up the open arsehole of the American people. In fact, in the United States we are seeing the first true unified alt-right force in the form of Donald Trump supporters. Trump is currently the king of the alt-right movement, and he is grabbing the alt-right’s foreskin and ripping it up and down  the shaft of the alt-right’s pre-lubricated (with hatred) cock. He is a huge motivating factor of this new(ish) movement, and the hatred in the American population is swelling.

The alternative-right are a walking contradiction. They claim to be anti-political-correctness, yet get offended as fuck when you challenge their views (like arguing for gay marriage, or arguing against their religious views). You cScreen Shot 2016-08-26 at 1.39.25 pm.pngould be excused for believing these fuckers were a group of ranting racists. Take this comment from a mayor in Alabama when she lost the election: “I lost. The nigger won” (screenshot provided). If you called this “racist” in the presence of an adherent of the alt-right then you would be accused by them of being “politically correct” and attempting to silence “free speech.” It’s almost like someone has cut every part of their brain out (except for the emotional centre) and replaced it with a bag full of used condoms. Patsy Capshaw Skipper lost the election and basically had a go at the person who won for being black. The alt-right use the term “political correctness” as some kind of buzz-phrase intended to be a slam-dunk in an argument. You may also notice that this term also always seems to be applied to people who fight for minority groups, and never for things such as right-wing hobby-horses (eg: abortion and gun rights) and religious groups. It’s just another example of right-wing hypocrisy.

The alt-right rails against trigger-warnings, but are triggered by anything that doesn’t represent their preconceived ideas. For an example of this, have a read of this article on how the right became seriously triggered by a transgendered five year old and her mother. The fucken cunts have anti-feminist movements, they have anti-black-lives-matter movements, and they fucken want to throw you into a cage full of alligators that have been trained to rape on command if you say something negative against their fucken imaginary friend (religious beliefs). Yet, despite all this, these people have the gal to call themselves ‘intellectual heavy-weights,’ and the ‘cerebral ideological movement‘ when compared with the left. They are represented by faux-intellectual cry-babies on Fox News, in Breitbart, and by various YouTube personalities like Steven Crowder, Sargon of Akkad, and Stefan Molyneux; all of whom are reactionaries who can do nothing but take right-wing views while pretending to fight for freedom (some of them even call themselves liberal).

Jesus, fucken, H., fucken, Christ, what the fuck is wrong with the right-wing? These arsewipes are all over the place. Even the mainstream right-wing can’t stand these pathetic arseholes. Look at how unpopular Donald Trump has become among the rightwing. Sure, he is loud and obnoxious, and yes, he has garnered a lot of attention, but mainstream society does believe he is nuts. Many alt-rights support this fucker blindly, and then these fuckers go after social-justice groups to prove their intellectual prowess.

Alt-right, your behavior makes you look like a bunch of fucken reactionary cunts to the true intellectuals of this society. Is there anything you people on the alt-right breed but contempt?


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