Conservatives Triggered by the Transgendered

Modernity has left planet earth with some pretty fucked up human beings. Today’s article expresses no exception to this rule. One of the things that has swamped right-wing media recently has actually been about where people decide they wish to take a mother-fucken, steaming pile, of moist shit. I am not kidding! If you are from the 22nd century and this article is somehow still on the internet, there is one thing you bastards ought to know about the 21st century folk, we are mindless, reactionary, fuckwits.

Transgendered folks have been with humanity for a very long time, but only recently has western culture decided to acknowledge them as different to the other genders. Does this even fucken matter? Well, not really. The genital status of one human being does not effect the status of another. So, who fucken cares, right? … WRONG! The entire right-fucken-wing cares. They care very deeply about this issue. Apparently, the private room where you take a shit could be the difference between Jesus giving you virgins to fuck for the rest of eternity, or being anal-probed by the devils pitch-fork.

Recently, an article surfaced about a parent of a transgendered child who was looking to use the women’s bathroom. You can read the article here. To cut a super long story short, A Pearland mother has a child that she claims in transgendered. The child has “male” on the birth certificate, but for whatever reason (we aren’t given much detail) the mother claims the child is a girl. The mother went to the Pearland (Texas) district about it, and they basically told her that the child had to use the toilets that were assigned on the child’s birth certificate, or she could alternatively visit the disabled toilets, the gender neutral toilets in her classroom, or the gender neutral toilets at the nurses station – END OF STORY. In fact, the article doesn’t seem to go into that much detail. That being said the reaction on social media, and in the news media was absolutely crazy. Right-wing nutbags lost their collective shit.

One commenter writes that apparently the problem we are seeing here is because of ‘SJWs.’ ‘What the fuck are “SJWs”?’ you may ask if you are an average fucker over the age of 35. Well, SJW is an acronym that is short for ‘Social Justice Warrior.’ They are usually arseholes who are preoccupied with looking for resolutions to social issues such as racism, sexism, exploitation, discrimination, etc. All-in-all, not a bad thing to be fighting for. The right-wing seems to disapprove of this though. In fact, ‘SJW‘ is basically used as a pejorative by regressive detractors whenever they don’t like a comment or an observation that someone makes on racism. From what I have noticed in the online world, it doesn’t seem to matter if you have made a legitimate observation, you could be called a ‘SJW‘ just because someone is offended by what you are saying. So, the fucken commenter who wrote about ‘SJWs‘ being the problem here, all I can ask is: ‘are you completely fucked in the skull, or do you know these people personally?‘ Most people have no fucken clue what the background of this story is, they are merely reacting to two or three paragraphs of reported news (that probably contains a bias of its’ own). Saying that we should ignore the issue of transgendered people using bathrooms because ‘SJW‘ is not a substantative fucken reason. You sound like an unintelligent cunt!


Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 11.59.49 am

Jesus, motherfucken, cocksucking, Christ! What the actual fuck are you smoking Alec? I want some of that shit! I’d love to be smoking something that helps me to escape reality the way that you comment indicates that you have. I mean, seriously, what the actual fuck? How the fuck do you fucken know what this fucken mother desires, feels, thinks, or wants? You have no fucken clue, do you? You’ve just decided that the only reason this child is being considered a “girl” is because of the mother. You don’t know whether there is a medical professional working on this case, you probably haven’t got a medical degree, I am guessing that you don’t have access to the medical reports, and I am almost certain that you can’t fucken mind read! I do not consider you fucken qualified to make this observation. You have no fucken clue, do you cunt face?  Fuck.

This next screenshot, I just had to include, because it kind of resembles the kind of commentary that represented most of the responses to this story:

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 12.00.00 pm

Are you fucken serious rightwingers? We have a complicated, nuanced story, and all you can see as problematic here are emotions, and single mothers? For fuck’s sake! Did someone remove the cerebral cortex from your skulls and replace it with Oreos? The right-wing often like to run the story that children end up being totally fucked if they are not raised by a “strong father figure.” Well, guess what, cunt face? Not everyone has the luxury of being raised by a father! Some people have to contend with being raised in single parent homes. The second comment in the aforementioned screenshot plays into the conservative narrative that single mothers are a problem. The other narrative: fatherless homes create crime, fatherless homes create gay children; in fact fatherless homes just create issues. Apart from the fact that this is an absolutely huge fucken generalisation, who fucken cares if this child was from a single mother home? Once again, where is your medical evidence that shows that this child is NOT transgendered.

Other commenters were commenting using the typical right-wing fear tactics regarding transgendered people. One commenter suggested that they felt their children would be in ‘danger‘ if this 5 year old Texan child were allowed in the female toilets. First thing, it is obvious that by ‘danger‘ you are talking about sexual harassment. After all, this narrative seems to be rife in rightwing media. You know the narrative: that all these transgendered gremlins are coming out of the wood-work to fuck your children up the arse as they squeeze out a disgusting shit from last night’s McDonald’s run. Second thing, what kind of sick, twisted fantasy do you need to spin in your fucken skull to think that this 5 year old child is going to put your screaming little piles of shit in ‘danger.’ What the fuck do you imagine is going to happen? Just admit it, you people are sick, and are just obsessed with thinking about other people fucking your children; and what’s more, you are imagining a transgendered 5 year old as a perpetrator. Are you FUCKING SERIOUS? Were you hit hard in the head by a pile of lubricated, vibrating dildos? If not, please explain to me why you are so fucken stupid.
This Pearland mother is under no obligation to reveal medical reports to the media. Quite frankly, it is no one’s fucken business. However, I do not doubt that she has probably had a medical practitioner on her case at some point. With all that being said, I do find it amusing that there are so many cunts on this planet who are so ‘concerned‘ about this. At the end of the day, may I remind you all: we are talking about where someone takes a fucken shit! Alright? You know? That porcelain thing we have in our houses that we use to shit in and sometimes vomit in? For fuck’s sake! So many people are acting like this issue is the end of the bloody world! Calm your tits, it’s just a fucken toilet!


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