Religious Laziness

Conservative religious people appear to be among the most lazy arsewipes this planet has ever seen. Many of them will generalise and scape-goat entire groups of people to save having to look at the nuance of a situation or their own responsibility; for example, “terrorism” is a problem with Muslims, thus all we need to do is tell them to ‘fuck off,’ and we don’t have to take any responsibility for the mess. Many religious fundamentalists will create hierarchies based on ‘nature,’; for example, the concept of “gender roles,” saves conservative religious people from having to make any effort to accommodate for all the intricate strengths and weaknesses individual men and women might have, instead, you fit into a pre-planned box. You see, fitting yourself into a box and forcing other people to comply with these boxes is far easier than dealing with the complexity of the world. This kind of laziness seriously gives me the shits, and in this post I am going to give some commentary on an example of this laziness.

The following comment is from someone who is so fucked up the arsehole, their internal organs have been ruptured. Fuck, there are some extremely dense cunts on this planet, and this is an example of behavior that I simply just had to comment on. Have a read of this shitty quote:

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 5

First point, the person writing this quote used three logical fallacies in the space of the first sentence, ‘you need to understand a Christian’s life is totally different to a worldly life.‘ The fallacies in this quote include:

  1. Ambiguity: using language that is broad and could mean anything. In this quote, I have to ask, “what is a ‘Christian’?” “what defines a ‘worldly life,’?” “What does it mean to ‘deal with God,’?” These turns of phrases are Christian cliches that seem to be very vague in their meaning.
  2. False Dichotomy: drawing a complete contrast between “christian” and “worldly.”
  3. Argument from Personal Experience/Anecdotal evidence: arguing that unless you have had a specific experience, you cannot comment on something. ie. in this example, the person making the quote is arguing that a “worldly” person cannot possibly understand the reasoning or experience of a Christian. This doesn’t actually strengthen the argument.

What the actual fuck does it mean to: “focus on God,” or “trust in god”? Sorry to say it, but this is sounding like meaningless drivel (unless of course you can provide me with some insight as to what this looks like on a day to day level). “Trust in God,” is sounding like an empty excuse to sit on your fat, lazy, fucken, arsehole and do nothing, while pompously pretending to do something as you mumble at the ceiling while reading holy texts all day. Even if there is some merit to prayer or reading the Bible, doing so does not help anyone but YOURSELF. If you claim your religion to be of social-moral merit that the rest of society needs to yield to (or at least consider), yet refuse to get involved in any issues relating to social justice, then your claim is completely devoid of any fucken substance what-so-ever.

The clincher, religious catchphrase like: “I put god first,” while you ignore the needs of those in the community – does not make you look like a decent, pious human being; it makes you look incredibly like an incredibly selfish cuntstain. I am simply reminded of watching the way some fundamentalist families treat each other. One family member may shun or disown the other, and their response when questioned is: “I must put god first, even my family.” So, the excuse for shunning another family member is ‘I must put god first.’ What the fuck does that mean? What does it look like to ‘put god first‘? I have seen this happen in the reverse as well, whereby a family member may act like a complete fucking cunt, and everyone is expected to ‘put god first,’ by being a complete dormat to the destructive behavior and ‘forgiving/forgetting’ the other person.

Isn’t it a little too convenient that prayer is substituted for volunteering time to clean up the community after a natural disaster? Isn’t it a little too convenient that reading the bible is substituted for earnest time in therapy, or developing personal self-awareness? Isn’t it a little too convenient in that saying ‘I put god first,’ will help you get out of any argument, or silence anyone else who is religious from challenging your point-of-view? Isn’t it a little too convenient that you can ignore injustices in the community, avoid any hard work helping others, or ignore how the weak are exploited, by using phrases such as ‘I prefer to focus on god,’ or ‘I just trust in god’?

If you seriously believe that your religious ritual is of any use to anyone else but yourself, think again. It’s complete, convenient, self-centred bullshit. It’s just an excuse for you to sit at home and have a wank instead of actually getting up and doing something useful with your life. You religious people cannot claim to be the moral arbiters of our society, while you pretend to do something useful while mumbling at the ceiling. You fundamentalist religious people cannot claim to be morally superior to those of us who are fighting to real change and equality to happen in our society, as you sit their stroking your fucken egos, pretending that you are somehow superior to us. Sorry, but this behavior is absolutely fucken pathetic.

I put god first.
Oh yeah? Well, what the fuck does that mean? And what the fuck does that even look like? God (if he exists at all) would be fucken disappointed if he saw the mess you constantly command for him to clean up on this planet. Go clean up your own mess, you lazy bastards.


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