Donald Trump: Build That Wall

Donald mother-fucken Trump accepted his nomination for the Republican Party on the 21/07/2016, and I have been sitting back with a bucket of pop-corn, having a wank, completely glued to news articles and videos. The internet has been going absolutely nuts, as have Mr Trump’s fucked up fan-club of emotionally selfish wanks. Mr Trump delivered his speech, once again his rhetoric was devoid of substance and direction, advising the audience that he was here to “make America great again.” This fucken cunt (along with millions of rednecks) believes that he possesses the wisdom, and intellectual prowess to have the responsibility to be America’s nuclear director. Are you fucken serious? You could find better foreign policy written by a Taiwanese Sweatshop on the back of a cheap box of cereal.

Shortly before Trump accepted his nomination, Reince mother-fucken Priebus, Chairman of the Republican national committee, got in front of the audience and said with a straight face, “She has spent the last 16 months looking into the eyes of the American people and lying. She lied! And she lied over and over and over and over. She lied.” The sheep in the audience chanted with uncontrollable mirth, screaming “lock her up! Lock her up!” Priebus, being the fucken cunt he is, then went on to say, “We are the party of new ideas, in a changing and faster world.” First of all, on what fucken planet are conservatives advocates for new ideas and innovation, let alone the regressive arseholes that inhabit America’s halls of power? Second question I have for these chanting sheep, if we lock up politicians for lying, who the fuck will be in Congress? As nice as the fucken Janitor might be, it’s not his responsibility to argue legislation and pass laws. You people are as fucken thick as an extremely fat person’s shit if you think that Donald Trump is a “straight shooter.” Most of the corrupt business CEOs on Wall Street steer clear of him because he is so crooked.

Before Trump got on stage with his massive feet, Tony Perkins the President of the pathetic “Family Research Council” made his presentation. Perkins, who’s mother-fucken platform is built on protecting blatant discrimination against the LGBT, pushing for a constitutional amendment of Marriage being between one man and one woman, advocating porn as a health crisis, and pushing for Biblical “morals” [sic] to be taught in schools; was promptly followed by a cover band performing “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC. Well Mr Perkins, I suppose families do kind of start with a good, old-fashioned, heterosexual fuck, don’t they? I suppose that AC/DC cover song was to serve as a reminder of this? But hey, it wasn’t pornographic, it was completely god-sanctioned. Well done Mr “Family Values” man.

The video above is where Mr Trump accepts his nomination. If you fast forward to about 2:00, you will see just what all his fans are excited about. All of them are cumming in their trousers over the the prospect of Mr Trump building a wall. After Trump finishes his speech, the crowd goes completely nuts “BUILD THAT WALL! BUILD THAT WALL!” Jesus-fucken-Christ! What the fuck is wrong with all these cunts? They are completely drunk on the emotion of hatred for Mexicans. Honestly, this isn’t about “protecting our jerbs,” or “making America great,” this is about targeting Latin Americans and getting them to fuck off out of the country.

You see folks; unless you are white, vote conservative, wave a fucken American flag, believe in the bible, and cum every time you hear your favorite republican politician speak, you are NOT a real American. Allow me to put it in another way: unless you bend over and invite the white, huge, throbbing cock of American conservatism to slide itself right up your arsehole, then you are not a real American. Got it? So unless you wish to build a wall with Trump, you might as well fuck off, and let America turn into the white-washed shit hole that gun-toting, heterosexual (we think), toothless rednecks, and corporate shrills want it to be. You aren’t welcome in America, get out of the country, get on the other side of the wall. If you are a Latin American with a hard on for a fucken sexy-arse Texan girl with massive tits, and brains (rare find), then I hate to break it to you — you just got COCK BLOCKED by Donald Trump, Republican Nominee for 2016.


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