Pauline Hanson: Appearance on Q&A, Islam, and Shit

Here we go again, with more extreme right-leaning bullshit. Out comes everyone’s favorite red-headed, Australia, right-wing, fucker, Pauline Hanson; to share her views on yet another thing she believes is fucking Australian up the arse. Hanson appeared on the Australian Broadcasting Network’s “Q and A” on the evening of 18/07/2016 to discuss an issue that she believes will save Australia from being strapped over Uluru, with its arse in the air, being repeatedly butt-fucked with a rotting, slimy Caramello Koala mascot from the late 90s.

Hanson told everyone on national television that she believes Australians are shit scared of walking around the streets because they are afraid of Muslims, “People in Australia are in fear because they can’t walk in the streets. They’re in fear of terrorism which is happening around the world. Why? Because of Islam.” For fuck’s sake, you fear mongering, degenerate piece of dog shit, why the fuck do you spread these outright lies? Who are these “people in Australia” who are so fucken scared of Osama-bin-rapin-ya that they won’t even walk the streets? This seems a bit extreme. What part of the country do people not walk the streets because they are afraid of Muslims? This is fucken bullshit!

If you didn’t think this Q and A episode couldn’t get any worse, check out this incredibly awkward exchange with Senator Sam Dastyari.

What the fuck are you trying to get at Mrs Hanson? Apart from looking like a drugged-up cunt (who recently had an injection of Crystal-Meth up her dirty, dry, cracked, wrinkly, old arsehole), what the fuck are you trying to fucken achieve here. Hanson, seems quite surprised, “Really? Gee whiz … Are you a practising Muslim? This is quite interesting.” Why does Pauline Hanson find it interesting that Sam Dastyari is a Muslim? Why does it fucken matter?

You see, back in 1996 when Pauline Hanson was originally running her platform, she built her incipit bullshit on the hatred of Asians. She said on national television that Australia was being “swamped by Asians,” and announced to the nation that white Australians would be losing their jobs and their homes. Observe this video from the Kyle and Jackie O Show:

She started this message TWENTY FUCKEN YEARS AGO, and did any of her fear-filled ideas come to pass? No. White Australians still have their fucken middle-class jobs, are still living in their fucken houses, and Asians are living here in peace. To top it all off, white Australians now have more access to fried rice, honey chicken, and other fucken awesome Asian bullshit like massage parlors that offer hand-jobs at the end of a massage session. This fear-filled bullshit about Muslims is very similar to her message about Asians in the past. She is preaching that a new group of ethnics are coming to take over the country. She is stopping you horny Australian rednecks (and I know most of you aren’t getting sex because you are pathetic as fuck) from the potential of getting a handjob from a hot middle-eastern chick. Why? Because Muslims = bad.

Come on Pauline, when are you going to tell us something new? You got a group of right-wing Australian fuckers believing you twenty years ago when you were wrong about Asians, and now you have a group of right-wing Australian fuckers believing your fucked up rhetoric about Muslims taking over the country. What next? An army of horny caramello Koala Mascots are going to take over the streets, fuck Australian citizens up the arse, and convert us all to scientology by slapping us extremely hard in the face with chocolate dildos?  Please. Your message is getting old.


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