Conservative Hypocrite Doesn’t Want You To Complain

Conservative hypocrisy, we see it often. The right constantly complain (and sometimes talk about banning) about a fundamentalist arabic monotheism as they forget the roots of their own pseudo-intellectual horse-shit, the right constantly talk about being “pro-life” while also uncritically supporting wreckless military decisions and arming the general populace, and, the right parade their ‘brand‘ as supporting “family values” as they DEVALUE anyone who does not represent the perfect nuclear family of father-mother-fuckwitchildren. With this kind of wide-spread hypocrisy in the rightwing community as it is, it isn’t hard to find examples of rightwing hypocrites.

Well, grab me by the hips and FUCK ME HARD WITH A DIRT-COVERED, RUSTY, GARDEN TOOL; don’t I have Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 6an example of motherfucken conservative fuckery to share with you today? Please observe the screenshot displayed on the left as a reference for an example of serious, fucken hypocrisy. A dirty, fucken, cunt-faced, Australian, empty-headed, brain-cell-free, right-winged, cunt, posted an image on Facebook about how Australia should remain a “Sharia Law” free zone. The image goes on to assert that Islam (a fucken ideology for those who do not understand what Islam fucken is) needed to begin following Australian laws. I agree with your first point (despite the fact that Islam is not taking over Australia you paranoid, fucken dipshit); YES, keep Australia secular (this means no ones cock-sucking, imaginary friend can be in charge of the country), but the second point is a loaded assertion that seriously needs to be fact-checked. Since when do followers of Islam get away with not following Australian laws? What fucken planet have your pathetic, little braincells teleported to? Because your braincells don’t seem to exist within your fucken skull on mother earth! Seriously, fuck me ever-so-hard with a rusty, mother-fucken, dirt-covered, garden tool; this is class-10, a-grade, graduate-level, BULL-FUCKEN-SHIT! If an Arabic camel-fucker, with a faith in ‘Allah’ were speeding down an Australian free-way, pulled out a machine gun, mowed down oncoming traffic, murdered a bunch of pregnant women, and then set a school on fire, I highly fucken doubt he would get a “free-pass” simply because he is brown, has a large nose, and believes Muhammad went to Mecca while getting fucked up the arsehole on the horn of a fucken magical unicorn. Fuck off.

As if this Facebook post’s empty assertion was not bad enough, now we have to contend with the implication of this arsewipe’s second post. This fucken, intellectually defunct, arsewipe’s second post contains an image of duct tape with a caption saying “Lip gloss for whiners.” The implication here is that the person posting this doesn’t feel like listening to whining or complaining. Well, if you do not like whining, WHY THE BLOODY FUCK HAVE YOU FUCKEN POSTED A FUCKED-UP, FUCKEN POST ABOUT YOUR FUCKEN, WHINY, FUCKED-UP VIEWS, STRAIGHT AFTER YOUR ANTI-WHINING POST, ON FUCKEN ISLAMIC FUCKERS? For fuck’s sake, you fucken pathetic fucker! You say you don’t like whining? Well, what the fuck do we call this top post about Islam? Apart from the fact that it is based on a fallacious premise, you have lost all credibility by preempting whining with a post saying that people who whine should put duct tape over their lips. The pain of seeing these two posts together is unbearable. Please, someone, place duct-tape over my eyes so I do not have to see this bullshit anymore. In fact, grab that rusty, fucken, dirt-covered, garden tool; and shove it right up my arse to help distract me from the sheer assiduous stupidity of this information-devoid, logically-obsolete, scrupulously-brainwashed, and comprehensively-indoctrinated, fucken arsewipe.

Personally, I enjoy complaining. I find it cathartic and enter-fucken-taining. If you want to duct-tape the mouth of people who whine, word of advice, how about you start with yourself, you hypocritical cunt?


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