Racial Discrimination STILL a Fucken Problem!

A common argument that I have heard from the rightwing is that racism is something everyone experiences. The argument seems to forward the idea that everyone experiences racism and discrimination regardless of the demographic. Calling bullshit on this. This sentiment is extraordinarily fucken ignorant of the facts, and relies on anecdotes as evidence. The argument basically boils down to finding EXCEPTIONS to the idea that institutionalised racism is an issue that society needs to take responsibility for. Sure, you may find some evidences showing that police brutality is a major issue and whites can be a victim of this, but this ignores the racial component. Allow me to furnish you with some fucken bigger picture evidences.
According to The Sentencing Project that conducted research on a very busy section of city road in New York (Jersey Turnpike), 15% of the drivers were African American, 40% of people stopped were African American, and 73% of people who were arrested were African American, when according to the other studies conducted and cross-referenced, the same location shows that everyone breaks traffic laws at the same rates regardless of race. So, police officers were more likely to grab their massive dildo of power and authority, and shove it right up your pooper if you are black.
According to statistics gathered by the United States Department of Justice, you are twice as likely to receive the death sentence if you are a black man who has killed a white man, when compared with a white man who has killed a black man. Drug use is also quite even across the board. Blacks use Marijuana twice as much as whites do, but whites use cocaine twice as much as blacks do. Whites are also, statistically far more likely to be dealers and suppliers of illicit substances. Despite equal representation of illicit drug use among the different demographic groups, blacks represent 59% of the amount of the non-violent offenders in the state penitentiary, despite the fact that they represent 12.1% of the entire population. Since whites make up 77% of America’s population, and far less of the prison population, proportionately, this leaves you roughly 10x more likely to serve a sentence as a black person if you are caught with drugs. So unless you are a cracker fucker with a caucasian-styled cock, you are in for some anal-probing action in your local state penitentiary.
Now, for those who sincerely believe that discrimination magically occurs to everyone equally, and that it is just a matter of random chance, you are either ignorant or completely fucked in the skull. Because quite frankly, with the data and statistics that are available, it makes no sense how a rational person would believe in this pseudo-intellectual bullshit.

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