Some Generalisations that I Fucken Hate!

Alright, so I just wanted to make some commentary on a very popular (and fucken irritating) logical fallacy: the generalisation, and a few examples that I have seen lately that give me the absolute shits! “What is a generalisation?” you cunts may ask with your jaw wide, ready for the giant, throbbing cock of Bill Cosby. Well, allow me to furnish you wish a definition:

A generalisation occurs when a concept, idea, or criteria is inferred over a group or domain. In other words, these are general statements (with simplistic criteria) that are cited as a “matter of fact” over an entire group or domain. Generalisations are often built from pieces of evidence (in practice, these are often anecdotal) and these little pieces of evidence are used to draw broad-sweeping conclusions. In other words, the generalisation is a logical brain-fart, that pathetic, lazy-arse-wipes use, because they are too fucken lazy to do thorough research to construct a more nuanced approach. Generalisations are for the intellectually lazy. This post will include three generalisations that I just fucken hate!

So who, or what gets generalised? For one, the genders get generalised. Take the image at right for example. This fucken genius probably noticed a time when a guy scoffed at, or gotGeneralisation upset at a woman who was crying. After she decided that this MUST be a universal fucken experience (after-all, her experiences must reflect everyone else’s, right?) she then used simplistic language to make this rabidly, lazy-arse-wipe post on Facebook “Why do men hate when women cry?” Sweet Jesus fucken Christ, have mercy on my tormented, black, little, non-existent soul! On what fucken planet does this pathetic piece of degenerate, social-media, horse-shit actually believe that this would stimulate an intelligent conversation? Generalisations of the genders are where we get the conservative ideal of gender roles. You know: men are only good for building muscles, fighting wars, and making money; and women are the only people fantastic at cooking food, cleaning the fucken house, and sucking my giant dick that was sculpted from clay by the gods (only if they are married and not-Catholic of course). What made this little post worse is all the attention it got. Fucken intellectually indebeted arsewipes from all around the world decided to chime in with their pathetic two cents worth, about how all men are “xyz” or all women are “xyz.” Has it ever occurred to your fucken empty minds that perhaps the genders are not that black and white? Guess what? Not every male wants to ram his greasy sausage up a woman’s griller, and not every woman wants to suck men dry of assets and wealth. Fuck off! The world isn’t that simple, you simple-minded, fucken cunts!

The next easy target for generalisations is culture/religion. I’ve decided to places those two ideas in one basket (simply because I am a lazy cunt who could not be fucked writing a second paragraph on something that I am basically going to say a similar thing for). Don’t image2get me wrong, I think Islam is a fucken stupid thing to believe in. According to the Qu’ran, a Buraq (a horse with a female face), flew Muhammad to Mecca (Sura 17), and the same book suggests that humans were originally created from a clot of blood (Sura 96:1-2). Fucken stupid. I don’t believe it is any less stupid than any other religion, but I felt that I needed to get that out there before saying the next bit (lest I get the finger pointed at me for defending Islam by some disgruntled rightwing bag of pigs dicks). As much as I think religion is fucken bullshit, claiming that the behavior of all Muslims can be determined from 911 is equally (if not more) bullshit. Put it this way (I’m talking to you, you stupid, American, redneck, degenerate, arsewipe, with a fucken ugly red baseball cap), if the collapse of the twin-towers reflected the ability, desires, and goals of all Muslims, we would all be fucken dead. What you scum-fucks need to realise, it only took a very small group of hijackers to take over those planes. Could you imagine what over 1/6 the earth’s population could do if they were ALL fucken terrorists? We would all be fucken dead! All of us. So generalising an entire religion by a singular event is fucken stupid, and the person holding the sign in the picture above really does embody the kind of intellectual bankruptsy that has swept conservative America. Your sign (American, redneck, degenerate, arsewipe, with a fucken ugly red baseball cap) is merely another generalisation that makes you look like a complete and total, fucken wanker.


Another generalisation that gives me the shits is the generalisation of pining for yesteryear. You know, these fucken brain-dead (usually conservative and religion) fuckers who pine over pathetic propaganda that humanity was better in the past. Take a look at this quote from RonGneralisations 2 Smith on the right, “There was a time when people went to church, heard the truth, and wept over their sins. Today, people go to church, hear a motivational speech, and ignore their sins.

Are you FUCKEN SERIOUS!? This is absolute, class-10, A-grade, moist, protein-filled, corn-riddled, BULL-FUCKEN-SHIIIIT!!! NO! Church was not the source of truth in the past, and people still go to church and fucken weap over the insipid trash that the wanker with a theology degree, too much money, and not enough brain cells, says at the pulpit/altar. And guess what, fuckwit, the degree of religiousness that an individual has varies from person to person (AND IT ALWAYS FUCKEN HAS). Allow me to remind you of the past when people “heard the truth, and wept over their sins,” many of these fuckers burnt different religious people AT THE STAKE, they stoned fuckers to death if they didn’t respect the words of the elders, human beings were brutally tortured in public for not giving their fair-share to the church, or disagreeing with an aspect of its’ rancid-smelling teachings. THE PAST WASN’T REALLY THAT MUCH BETTER! And thank non-existent-god that we aren’t living in a time when people followed these ridiculous theocratic laws. Fuck that shit. The one major thing that has changed about the church in the west is that theocracies are basically (for all intents and purposes) OUTLAWED! Besides, pathetic facebook fucker, how the bloody fuck do you fucken know how fucken convicted other fucken fuckers were in the fucken past? And what fucken truths were wept over by fuckers in church? And what fucken sins are church arsewipes ignoring? You’ve just made a bunch of generalisations about people in the past, and people in the present, slammed it together in a meme and posted it online to look like you are some kind of intellectual-thinker. The truth is, these quotes make you appear as an intellectual-novice who doesn’t have a thinking cell in his thick fucken skull!

So there you have it, three examples of generalisations that I just fucken hate! The generalisation of gender (could also be considered a naturalistic-fallacy), the generalisation of association (in this case religion and culture – also could be considered an argumentum ad-hominem by association fallacy), and the generalisation whereby some people have a wetdream about the fucken past (also could be considered as an argument from tradition). These fallacies are a pain in the fucken arse, and I am quite fucken sick of seeing them online. All the more reason to purchase the domain There would be a truckload of arsewipes that I would stick on there.


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