Conservative Hypocrisy

I am not sure I have ever see this much hatred to a group in my life. The fact that there are many campaigns in the western world that are built on a platform of “defeating Islam” is total bullshit. Fucken hell westerners! Do you not realise that this fear mongering is just giving the Islamic extremist fuckers a foot up? Westerners, Islamic extremists want you to fucken hate their moderate (and dare I fucken say “normal”) counterparts. They are looking to bolster their numbers. Their strategy is to leave the moderate Muslims feeling disenfranchised. Disenfranchised religious people are far easier to radicalize.

The bullshit aspect of all this is that I don’t see the same people going after radicalized Christians. In Kenya, the conservative Christian government will sentence you for 14 years in prison (as a minimum sentence) if you fuck a person of the same gender. Similar punishments can be found in places like Nigeria and the Central African Republic. Public torture of people suspect of being gay is also quite normal. Where are the fucken conservative arseholes speaking out against this? Where are the fucken conservative arsewipes speaking out against the mass shooters in America that do their crime for a rightwing motivation? Aren’t you going to call them out? You fucking group of spineless hypocrites!

The truth is, conservatives don’t give a flying fuck about you if you are different to them. The conservatives of the west are strong against Islam because the vast majority of them are Christian. My theory: these Christian conservative animal fuckers are threatened by Islam because Islam is competition. These fucken moral crusaders are more than happy to make a grand show of people different to them, but will pull out the victim card the minute someone calls them on it. You lack empathy.


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