Another Win For Conservatives in Australia

For fuck’s sake! I am so sick and tired of seeing this political right-wing victory around the world. I have followed the Australian election campaign for a few weeks now, and tonight, the votes were counted. Australia is about to re-elect the most right-wing government they have ever had. Bend over Australia, because in comes (cums?) the massive, throbbing, cock of the conservative establishment to slide into your dirty, dry, crusty, arsehole. The next few years are not going to be pretty. While we don’t have a 100% clear on the campaign results, one thing is fair to say: conservatism is on the rise. Another win for conservatives? Allow this post to show how far to the rightwing Australia is going.

You want to know what I am seriously tired of? The false premise that the conservative establishment builds their representation on. Australia’s LNP (massive fucken conservative arsewipes) built their campaign on being family fucken friendly, and lovers of the working class. In Australia, the conservatives pride themselves in standing up for the freedoms of the common man, and promoting freedom of speech. Just a shame that offshoot conservative groups (the groups that shout patriotism and freedom the loudest) happen to be extremely anti-Islamic, anti-homosexual marriage, and anti-anyone-with-brown-colored-skin entering Australia (particularly by motherfucken sea-faring vessels).

An example of conservatism in Australia: Pauline Hanson is the leader of Australia’s “One Nation” party. This bag of conservative dogshit won a seat during this election cycle. If you have a look at their website, they saturate themselves with patriotic symbolism. You will find no shortage of the Australian flag, Australian colors, and Australian lingo on their website. They claim to be huge advocates of freedom of speech, yet Ms Hanson is very much for everyone aligning with her white AuHansonstralian, Conservative views. Here is a quote from Ms Hanson’s website: “Islam sees itself as a theocracy, not a democracy. Islam does not believe in democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of the press or freedom or assembly. It does not separate religion and politics.
Oh please Hanson! You would deepthroat Fred Nile in a fucken heartbeat. You would grab his massive, vain covered, hairy, conservative-Christian cock, and ram it right down your throat, swallow his cum, and spurt out how you did this to support “freedom.” Fuck you Pauline, you ugly, old, cock-munching, red-headed, rightwing cunt! It’s clear that you only support freedom for certain people; The people who like swallowing from the same colored dicks as you do. Welcome to the spotlight, conservative senator cunt-faced Hanson.

Another interesting example of conservatism in Australia: Australia now has a political party that builds its campaign almost entirely on shoving vibrating dildos up the arse of Muslims. They call themselves the “Australian Liberty Alliance,” and they were established when Dutch cock-muncher Geert Wilders came over to give a blowjob to Australian fears in Perth, 2015.  Debbie Robison (President of ALA) helped the party to gain traction at the end of 2015 by claiming Australia to be at war with Islam. According to an article posted on their official website, the ALA proposes that in this “free country,” they wanted to put a ban on all Islamic travel in and out of Australia for TEN FUCKEN YEARS! These fuckers believe that freedom entails ideological control. Islam is a FUCKEN RELIGION, YOU STUPID DILDO THROWING, INTELLECTUALLY DEFUNCT, MANIACS!!! How do you propose banning an ideology for a decade? That’s bloody ridiculous, AND it doesn’t example promote “freedom,” let alone “freedom of speech.

Finally, I would like to close this post by making a brief mention on Australia’s ultra-conservative Fred Nile. He is the fucked-up, pseudo-moral-touting, bigoted, arsewipe representing the ultra-repressive  Christian Democratic Party. Nile claims to be an advocate for “freedom [sic] of speech” and Australia’s heritage; With this being said, Fred Nile’s party is Australia’s version of USA’s Tea Party. This conservative bag of rotting, cut-off foreskins attends the Sydney Mardi-Gras every fucken year, to (perve) pray for bad weather. He prays for the rain so that it will stop their events for the evening. He also leads protests against gay marriage, The Greens, and different forms of social welfare. Nile is also an advocate against Islam, claiming that it cannot seperate itself from politics, while he himself is a Christian advocating Christianity in politics. The hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness is astounding. These cunts made up about three and a half percent of the Australian vote.

Considering all these fuckwits who are garnering traction in the public spotlight, I can’t help but wonder about the future of the country. What the fuck is wrong with you Australia? You seem to be following the trend that has been set from the American right, that the rest of the world seem to be in lock-step compliance with. Hatred of Muslims, fear of immigration, deregulation of the markets, enforcement of right-wing “Christian” ideas, and a mask of false “freedom.” All your political parties are sliding to the conservative end of the spectrum, and now you have extreme right-wing political groups that are gaining the spotlight. The right are on the rise, and it appears that Australia is caught up in this massive international conservative orgy.


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