“Regressive Left”? Yeah, Fuck Off!

For fuck’s sake! Some fucking conservative fucktard decided to label me a member of the “regressive left,” because I suggested he was inconsistent in his logic on something. What “something” did I challenge him on, you may ask? That “something” was about a Swedish born man who decided to become a Muslim. Apparently he is not “Swedish,” because he is not embracing their culture. What the actual fuck? Anglo Saxon fuckers never embraced Indian American culture when they slaughtered a bunch of them. Anglo Saxon fuckers never embraced Indigenous Australian culture when they declared Australia “Terra Nulius.”

I addressed his argument by explaining just that to him and his response was that I am a member of the “regressive left.” He proceeded to tell me that he was a “true liberal.” What the fuck? By what fucken standard was his argument “liberal”? It sounded like a cookie-cut Republican argument to me! Conservatives cannot seem to see past their own tiny bubble of living, yet I am somehow the “regressive” one? Get fucked! There is no substance to your bullshit argument.

This phrase “regressive left” sounds more and more like a pejorative used exclusively by conservatives (and confused conservatives who want to redefine the term “liberal”) who hate having their views challenged. I’m sorry, but you cannot whinge about globalization, women in the work place, and racial equality and then label other people as “regressive.” That’s CLASS 10 projection right there. Take your fucking hypocritical views, and shove them right up your tight, little, conservative arsehole!


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