Leaving Dogs in Cars

To the fucken arsehole who left their dog in their old, beat-up, red, two-door shit-box, Hyundai (don’t think it was a Tuscani); You are a fucken piece of degenerate shit! It’s about 97F, and your poor animal is howling and barking. Humans are so fucken self-centred. Clearly it wants to get out. You’re lucky that I am too busy and too kind to wait around to grab your thick, fucken skull and smash it through the window to give your dog a breath of fresh air.

Why would someone leave their dog in 97F summer heat? I waited around for about 10 minutes, and wanted to break the fucken window. Humans are the scum of the earth. If the earth had an arsehole, humans would be the disgusting little bacteria that live around the hairs of the arsecrack that leave earth scratching with crap smelling fingertips.


Honestly, get your cock sterilized you degenerate scum-fuck! Humans like you should not be allowed to reproduce. We don’t need more people like this. You are the dick-eating, shit-kicking fuckers who should remain a complete cunt-free zone for the rest of your miserable fucken lives (or if you are a female, your vaginal passage should remain a sausage-free zone). Go and eat a pile of rotting dicks you disgusting scum-fuck.

Ps – the police broke the window open after five minutes of calling them. Have fun replacing it, you fucken degenerate piece of Korean fucken dog shit!


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