The British Exit (Aka: Brexit)

I tried my hardest to shut the fuck up on this issue. Every second bloody blogger seems to have an opinion on Brexit. After almost a week, I am finding it difficult to bite my tongue. There is so much bullshit floating around about this topic that I need to address at least a small bit of it.

What was wrong with the leave campaign?

Racism, and the fucken Polish! So, I am getting sick of people crying “racism” everytime the Brexit issue is mentioned, but not because it is inaccurate, because it is not explained properly. It over-simplifies the problem. The truth is, the leave campaign is almost entirely a rightwing wet-dream. It will help keep the Muslims out, help keep Britain White, and slow down travel from other European countries into theirs. While I don’t believe that every “leave” voter was racist, you would have to be pretty fucken naive to not see the racial motivation behind a large portion of the “leave” corpus floating around online.


Totally non-racist remarks from dick-cheese, cunt face, Boris Johnson. This poor excuse for a human being is the leader for the Brexit decision, and Britain’s next potential leader. The picture of him on the right looks like he has just finished giving a blowjob to a non-Polish, completely British horse.

A talking point of the rightwing in almost every country FOR YEARS has been that immigrants are taking jobs. In this case, it’s the fucken Polish, and Arabs coming over to both steal Britain’s welfare and Britain’s jobs simultaneously. Let’s ignore the logical failure of this sentiment and cut straight to the chase, THIS IS AN OLD FUCKEN ARGUMENT, AND IT IS DEVOID OF SUBSTANCE. Conservatives, you folks fucken hate the fact that there are many people on welfare, right? How do you respond to these complete and utter waste of sex-cells? You tell them to get off their lazy fucken arseholes to get a job! Why not be consistent? If you are afraid of some foreigner taking your job, then apply your own logic to yourself, get off your lazy fucken arse and compete in the job market, you paranoid, inconsistent, hypocritical cunt stain!

Here’s the thing conservative Brits (and other conservative bags of shit who employ the same arguments), if you really think that some unskilled asylum seeker without a resume is going to take your position at the fucken Co-op grocery store, then you may wish to rethink yourself. If you aren’t competitive enough to get through to the recruiters before some unskilled person who can barely speak English, YOU are the fucken problem that you are complaining about. You are the unskilled couch potato swallowing up welfare. For fuck’s sake! If they are taking “your” jobs, and they unskilled, aggressive, hate Britain, and  have a clear desire for terrorism, then all I can really ask is: WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM YOU USELESS CUNT!? It’s not that you cunts are racist arseholes, it’s just that you have some kind of nationalist superiority complex, whereby anyone who is slightly different to you is some kind of serious threat.

Second talking-point of the Brexit movement is having independence from the EU, and they are sick of people crying foul about them leaving. British Brexiteers have screamed that they wish to have “independence,” and they do not want to be criticized for this decision. You brazen fucken hypocrites! The Scotts have had their own referenda to leave <drum role> the UNITED FUCKEN KINGDOM! How did British conservatives respond? They told Scotland the exact same things that the entire world is telling Britain now: “it won’t be good for your economy,” “don’t leave, we have many good agreements,” “why would any country leave a union when they fought hard to be a part of it?” “You just hate Britain, don’t you?” Face it, many of you British conservatives are hypocritical cunts! You were happy to say these things to Scotland in the past, but you are hating it being thrown back at you now.

So what is this exit from the EU all about? The same typical bullshit that conservatives have wanted for years, an escape from regulations, an escape from migrants, running away from “big government,” keeping the pockets of power within states, and the preservation of their sacred and unquestionable “nationality.” Am I suggesting the EU is perfect? FUCK NO! The Union needs some serious work. The Union is a regulatory body with almost zero ability to enforce anything. The Union, however, is a great idea. Europe has many small countries. Putting all those walls up is simply going to trap the weak and powerless, leaving exploration and travel to the rich and privileged.

Oh well Britain. You have made your decision. Now, it is time for you to take your devonshire tea and scones, and stick those buggers up your arse as you wank over your pitch-perfect democratic/monarchal hybrid.


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