Fucken Hyundai Tuscani Driver

To the fucken Hyundai Tuscani driving faggot who tailed me aggressively for several miles and almost side-swiped me at an intersection tonight, go and suck a super massive North Korean cock! Learn to drive you fucken Asian piece of shit, before I come and find you, to shove your cheap disgusting little test-tube grown cock into an exhaust muffler! Asians make some of the world’s worst drivers. Impatient mother-fucken cunts who don’t know the fucken road rules. At least many of the cock suckers rider bikes. If I ever get threatened/cut off (etc) by a bike ride, it’s just a matter of getting to a faster velocity and promptly crushing his korean ball-sack with the car door.

Anyway. Tuscani driver, you seriously need to get fucken laid or something. You fucken need to fucken relax behind the wheel. You fucken, fucked-up fuck head! Learn to fucken drive you pathetic, fucken, moulding piece of moist South Korean dog shit!


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