Ignorant Persecution: The Duggar Family

Persecution-complex sentiment of the day.

As if religious wankers weren’t weird enough, enter the Duggar family. “Who are these fuckers,” you ask? Well, they are a group of conservative southern American redneck arsewipes who haven’t learnt that birth control is readily accessible, and anal doesn’t always result in safety from pregnancy. The Duggar family decided to broadcast their family-life on television. They documented their religious beliefs, their cultural aversions, their fetish for being extraordinarily restrictive on sexuality, and their controlling religious parenting for the entire world to see. They are a family of NINETEEN FUCKEN children!!! They are the reason that the United States desperately need to have federal funding for readily available, fucken contraceptives. You know, those things that you slap onto your genital region to help you refrain from having a family of NINETEEN sreaming piles of little human fucken shit?

I digress.

So, “persecution complex” with this family? Fuck yes! This family spent the good part of a few fucken years putting their sexually repressive dysfunctions on our mass-produced Malaysian television-sets. This family spent the good part of a few fucken years telling society how much better they are than the average citizen. This family then ended up being investigated for a sex scandal. SEASON FINALE SURPRISE! This family of sexually repressed religious fuckers ended up producing some sexually deviant children. It turns out that their 14 year old son Josh, ended up molesting his baby sisters. *gasp*

Now, after all the boasting, preaching, patronizing, condescension, and religious arrogance, the family patriarch Jim Bob believes that the media is persecuting *him* and his family because the story of Josh is being made public. For fuck’s sake, you arrogant cunt! It’s completely fine for you- to look down your nose at people and tell society how disgusting and filthy all of us are, but the minute we see evidence that your parenting is not all it is cracked-up to be, you are somehow a fucken victim. Give me a fucken break!

After all this bullshit, we have another story from earlier this year, Jim Bob and his redneck wife split up. I’m just waiting to hear from his redneck EX-wife that Jim Bob was extremely controlling behind closed doors. Duggar family, you epitomize the big issues of the modern day religious conservative movement. You feel that it is your moral fucken right and moral fucken duty to point out everyone’s fucked-up flaws, but the minute we see cracks in your shitty little masks of carefully-planned perfection, you scream and cry “persecution.” Fuck you! Fuck the lot of you hypocritical fuckers! You don’t get to boast about how amazing and perfect you are, directly pull down the entirety of society, only to cry foul when bad news about your family gets out. Don’t be such spineless, fucken crying cunts. You losers are NOT perfect, get that message through your thick fucken skulls, get off your pedestal, and kindly stick the chair legs of that pedestal up your tight little conservative arseholes! That would bring me some pleasure. Wankers.


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