Ellen White’s Giant Circle



What the actual fuck Ellen G. Fucken Cuntface White!? Does anyone else see the issue with the above quote? This is what I would like to call intellectual suicide. Only a fundamentalist religious cunt stain would think this way. It’s complete circular reasoning.

In the real world, many of us come to conclusions based on evidence. Yes, I realise that the portion of us who do this is small, BUT we are growing in number. Ellen White has presented another false dichotomy (she seems rather good at those if you read her texts). I’ve met many non-fundamentalists who believe, but don’t believe everything. Likewise, I have spent a great portion of my time among non-believers who can be quite artisan in theorizing about the supernatural. There is a scale of belief and many people fit in between.

Just because you have the intellectual maturity equivalent to a fucken old mangy parrot with gonorrhea, doesn’t mean that the rest of us do. Ellen, you are the woman who said masturbation would leave us with a whole host of diseases, you are the woman who believed in blacks remaining slaves, you are the woman who believed checkers, chess, cards, and dancing are unapproved by heaven. And why are all these things wrong? You present unverifiable fucken reasons for every problem in the book. Big, fat, fucken, circular, superstitious, throbbing, circular reasons. Your method might be to go in circles with your faith, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else goes in circles.

Perhaps I should not be so harsh to this ugly (this is why she was against wanking – I mean, why would anyone wank over her anyway?) puritanical bitch. After all, she was hit very hard in the head with a rock as a child.


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