Another gendered double standard

A link for context:

I am so fucken sick and tired of seeing this kind of fucked-up shit on the news. Here we have another adult taking advantage of their power over children. Perhaps I am stumbling across the wrong websites (of that, I pretty much fucken doubt), but I have noticed an astonishingly disgusting trend in the media. The statistics for pedophilia is skewed against the male side of the population, but to be honest, I’ve see just as many (if not more) uterus carrying members of the population doing the exact same fucked up shit.

It seems that a day doesn’t go by where we see another woman in a teaching position either trying to seduce one of her young male pupils into sex, or actually having sex with them in the class room. Why the fuck do I as a male have to wear this (possibly feminist driven) label of being a potential pervert around children, when women are doing it (probably) JUST as much. The reason this fucked up bullshit doesn’t seem as common is because women tend to get away with it. It’s not uncommon to hear of a 14 y/old boy who got fucked by his English teacher, but the teacher gets away with it (with a slap of the wrist like getting fired), and the reasoning is that the 14 y/old boy “wanted it.” You wouldn’t try that shit on a teenaged girl whether they “wanted it” or not.

Well, sometimes it is nice to see a fucken female pedophile caught. Just a shame that this karate teacher will not be labeled as a “pedophile” to anywhere near the extent that a guy would. She was released from jail after a short period of time too. Make no mistake, this adult is a fucken child predator, but for some reason she doesn’t spend long in prison, AND the news headlines do not happen to be screaming out that she is a fucken pedophile (even though she basically attempted to molest a child in her class). This seems to be a societal double standard. These attitudes are the reason why women do not become reflected in the statistics and why I as a male end up having to tread on eggshells around children. Guess what society, I’m fucken tired of it!

The gendered stereotyping has got to stop. Yes, I do talk about how women are treated like fucken shit in our society, but men get it nearly as bad too. For fuck’s sake, this 11 year old child is not going to get the same kind of support that he would have gotten if he were female. This is a guarantee. Many members of the feminist community basically believe that males cannot be abused or taken advantage of by women, based PURELY on the fact that they possess a penis. This is text book sexism. It goes both ways.

Society, I appeal to your sense of logic. Let’s quit segregating everyone by putting them into near little boxes of prejudice, and work on judging each other on a basis of merit. It’s stories like this that make me fucken sick to the core. Treat the genders the exact same. This is STILL an adult taking advantage of a young child. This is STILL a fucked up story. GENDER MATTERS NOT!


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