“Family Values,” not so child friendly

Alright, PSA for all my fucken republican buddies:

If you want to monopolize family values, then please, quit telling us how much you just fucken hate Arabs, how much you want to stop homosexuals from having gay fucken sex, and how much you hate any minority group that poses some kind of threat to the status quo. Last I checked, families included children. The message you are sending to us isn’t exactly “child friendly.”

Another thing you rabid right-wing fuckers might want to consider, while you are Afraid of entering a bathroom with someone who doesn’t fit your particular narrow framework of gender, just remember: one of your number, mass murdered a group of LGBT at an Oregon club earlier this week. OVER 40 DEAD! While you hardliners are fucken frightened of entering toilets with the ambiguosly gendered, the LGBT community are fucken scared shitless of entering ANYWHERE with one of your loose-minded, gun-toting, redneck buddies. You cuntfaced, anti-political correctness arseholes are so offended by people of the same gender falling in love that it pushes you to the brink of mass murder. This is unacceptable.

Piece of advice, kindly take a long neck bottle of Bud Weiser and shove it up your hairy arsecrack, until you rupture your internal organs, you simple minded FUCKS!


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