Fundamentalist pastor responds to Orlando shooting

49 LGBT died in Orlando the other night, and here we have a church pastor celebrating their deaths, naming them “pedophiles.” Pastors are supposed to be the fucken moral arbiters of our society. Yes, I’m an anti theist and basically believe that religion is all about control, but I can at least acknowledge that pastors have been a support to the communities that they live in. Let’s face it, as hard as it is to accept, these people are influential community leaders.

How is this kind of rhetoric any fucken different from Muslims in Syria who celebrate the deaths of westerners? They preach the absolute fucken same hateful thing. These degenerate pieces of pseudo-middle-eastern-thinking, camel shits, act as though they are our moral superiors, and believe it is completely fine to wish death, pain, and destruction to homosexuals and their families. Somehow people minding their own fucken business and doing their own fucken thing with their genitals is worthy of death.

Pastor Roger Jimenez, you hateful scum fuck, go and eat a steaming pile of moist dog shit that came out of the arse of a diseased bitch! You are not my moral superior. You cannot claim to be some kind of moral guru and wish death, pain, and suffering on people in your community who happen to have an alternative lifestyle to yours. Society’s benchmark for morality is higher than what you preach. Off, is where all of us wish you to fuck! Fucken arsewipe!


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