Ignorant Persecution: Christian Cartoon

Ignorant persecution-complex sentiment of the day.

OK, so it has been quotes that I have shared, but this image was too fucken golden to pass up. Apparently, Christians are the Centre of persecution from different countries around the world, particularly those from the Middle-East. If this is what you believe, kindly, fuck off. Christianity has killed more human beings over the course of the past thousand years than the amount of sperm cells up Freddie Mercury’s arsehole. Don’t forget that one of the worst wars in recent history stood on a Christian platform.

Christians are oppressed? Fuck off, you conservative cluster of self-righteous, pseudo-philosophical, fucken cunts! Christians may suffer in different parts of the world, but Christians still remain the world’s most powerful ideology. Allow me to use an analogy: this cartoon fuels one of the most disgusting forms of narcissism you could see in another human being; those who are powerful, who lose all form of self-awareness, and believe that their paper-cut is worse than having half your body blown to pieces. Take your self-righteous, victim-fueled, ideological fiction, and stick it up your arse until it ruptures your plastic, WWJD-marked, pseudo-intellectual internal organs. Fuckers.


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