The Worst Thing About America, According to a Conservative

There is so much motherfucking ignorance that I thought I would call out another cunt with a persecution complex. Here we have a conservative who believes that the two worst things in America are transgendered people being accepted and women have the right to personal autonomy while carrying a child. What the actual fuck!? So the worst thing about America isn’t the fact that their leading cause of death is heart disease, or the fact that fast food has taken over, or the fact that they kill more civilians from other countries than any other state in the world?

The worst issues with the United States are human rights and acceptance of things that do not fit the status quo. Are you fucking kidding me? So, you think that this is worse than America fucking the Middle-East over, while stealing all their black shit (no, not the citizens; their oil)? It seems that the Republicans of the United States have no issue with fucking over the rest of the planet (most of us are fucking sick of your bullshit), screwing over their already pathetic education system, or the fact that America are the number 1 producers of brain-dead reality TV and extremely biased News media. Republicans take issue with the location that other adults place their phallus, and whether people identify as being a male or a female. You deserve a big resounding FUCK OFF from the rest of the world.

American Conservatives, you are being fucked up the arse by the giant, throbbing, vein-covered, pulsating dick of persecution-ridden, unverifiable ideology, and there doesn’t appear to be a single thing you are doing about it. The general public appears to be bending over and taking it right up their pre-lubricated, pro-corporate, brainwashed, arseholes. Sal Kahlid, huge Donald Trump advocate despite your foreign-arse looking name, you are the runner up ignorant cunt of the day, only second to Liberty Lawyer, Anita Staver (post below).


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