Persecution Complex, and How American Conservatives Handle Transgendered Persons

Ignorant, persecution complex quote of the day.

Anita Staver needs to get fucked.
“Why?” you ask.
Observe this tweet, and then ask yourself – are the religious-right really about freedom? Or are they just wanting conformity? I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Conservative America needs to get fucked up the arse by the cock of reality. A republican voter posted an image of a transvestite walking through a shopping mall with a caption saying: “imagine if this man walked into a public bathroom with your daughter.”
My non-existant-God, what the fuck!? Why does it matter where male-Marilyn-Munroe takes a shit? What is with the amount of kinky people on the internet who are triggered (by transvestites) into thinking about sex with their under-aged family members while taking a shit in a filthy public bathroom? That’s kind of fucked America. What’s more interesting is that these views are often broadcasted on prime-time television by the Fox News [sic] Network. Conservative America, you are far more fucken kinky than I originally thought.


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