Utah Declares Porn a “Public Health Hazard”

Here is a link to give you some context:



Turns out that taking pictures of my massively oversized, greek-styled cock was harmful after all. Who would have known? Here I was thinking that photographing my extremities would be fine, but NO! The mormons of Utah have meticulously studied the finer intricacies of capturing still-life images of the tit, the pussy, and the penis. Turns out that photographing your sexy bits is actually a public health risk. Thanks for letting me know Utah. You have potentially saved mine my life. The mormons of your state are world-renown for being among the most widely read, and well-researched altruists. This is simply another feather in their cap.

In more news from the world of smart Mormon ideas, a 27 year-old-polygamist-citizen of the north pole was stabbed to death by a dildo that was intended to be used as the South Pole.


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